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Should you immediately go for litigation?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2020 | Civil Litigation

Texas contractors like you do what you can to avoid disputes. But with the industry being as it is, sometimes disputes are impossible to avoid. When you come across a dispute that you cannot talk out, what are your options? 

There are many ways to resolve disputes. Sometimes, alternative methods may work for you. Other times, litigation is the way to go. But how do you tell when which is right? 

Arbitration and mediation

The Balance compares litigation against other means of dispute resolution. Some other methods include arbitration and mediation. These do not involve courts as much, or at all. With arbitration, you still have an arbitrator listen to your case. They hand down a legally binding decision. Mediation is more flexible. Their suggestions are not legally binding. These options tend to work best if you still believe you can work things out on your own, but need support. 

When litigation works best

Litigation works best if you have run out of options for working together for a solution. Sometimes, you cannot reconcile with another party because one or both of you are too hurt. Sometimes, the issue may involve a large amount of money or assets and you do not want to risk losing any. When this happens, you can turn to the court. You will get a legally binding verdict. 

At this point, you likely do not worry about not working with the offending party in the future anyway. Thus, you do not have to worry about burning bridges. The only other concern is the amount of time and money litigation may cost. But in some cases, it is worth the price to get a solid answer to your problems.