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Four common disputes between neighbors

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Firm News

Every neighborhood has its ups and downs, and occasionally it is the actual neighbors who account for the downs. Disputes between you and the people who live or own businesses near you are prevalent, but some issues may be more explosive than others.

Noise pollution

Noise can be somewhat in the ear of the beholder. However, generally speaking, most cities – Irving, Texas, for example – have specific ordinances in place governing noise levels and timing. These concerns are often legislated on the local level, and perhaps in your neighborhood, it isn’t legislated at all. But frequent noise disturbances can cause friction between people exceptionally quickly.

Do good fences make good neighbors?

As the adage describes, a fence setting the boundary between property is often a good thing. However, oversights in fence construction can place a fence over the property line. Fences constructed of dangerous materials can cause hazards.

A tree grows over boundaries

Trees on the edge of the property may eventually grow over the neighboring property. Once again, the municipality may hamper your ability to take action. However, trees may become a nuisance in other ways, such as obstructing views or becoming home to wildlife. These minor problems may add up.

Empty houses

An empty residence can severely hurt local property values and become eyesores, but that’s not necessarily an issue one can litigate. However, they also may include dangerous premises, such as empty pools and unchecked wildlife, and those may be something you can take action on.

There must be a violation of some sort

However, before you can take any legal action against a neighbor, there must be a clear violation of some ordinance or an unavoidable danger. Without that violation or concern, you will have no standing to file a lawsuit. However, you do not have to stay frustrated by your neighbors. You can seek assistance and find out if your annoyance rises to the level of an actionable violation.