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Should you be worried about cracks in the walls of a house?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Property Law

You’re searching for a dream home and found one in your dream location. While you feel that putting in an offer would be the best thing, you’re worried about the cracks in the walls. Are they a serious issue, and should you walk away from the deal?

While cracks in walls can be unsightly, most are completely normal, even in new homes. Usually, cracks may appear as the house settles. Cracks on the walls may also appear due to changes in temperature or humidity levels. However, sometimes cracks may indicate a more serious structural problem. Below are some warning indicators that the cracks in the walls are more serious than you may think. 

The cracks are wide

Most homes will have a few tiny cracks here and there, especially if the house is older. However, if the house has large cracks with a width of more than 25mm, you may have a serious issue that would be expensive to repair. 

Most of the cracks are above door frames

Usually, cracks may appear on the weakest areas of the wall, like around the window frame. This may happen because a window may slightly weaken the strength of a wall. Fortunately, these cracks are easy to repair with putty and paint. However, if the cracks are on top of the door frames and extend horizontally, it could be another sign of foundation damage.

The cracks are wet

You should be concerned if the cracks in the walls show discoloration, such as yellow-tinted stains. Also, when the concrete or drywall feels damp, the issue may result from water damage. Water damage may cause fungus growth and, if not addressed, cause foundation issues. 

Large cracks in the walls of a house may indicate issues with the foundation and structure of the house. However, sellers are required to disclose everything that may devalue the property. Therefore, if you’ve been defrauded or you’re thinking of walking away from a deal, consider seeking legal assistance