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3 clauses that can cause contractual disputes with employees

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Civil Litigation

You may be in a contractual dispute with any party you work with, including employees. When drafting your employment contract, you may have been clear and welcomed questions to avoid misunderstandings. Nonetheless, you may still find yourself in a conflict.

Below are three clauses that lead to the most contractual disputes with employees.

Job duties

An employment contract should discuss an employee’s duties or responsibilities in-depth. An employer may have an issue with an employee who doesn’t fulfill their obligations even after being warned. This may lead to a termination.

On the other hand, an employee may not be comfortable performing duties not included in the contract. If an employer wants to increase or change responsibilities, it will be best to renegotiate the contract with the employee.

Compensation and benefits

Employers and employees can have disputes concerning compensation and benefits. Before signing the employment contract, an employee will agree to a salary offer and benefits. If this is not observed once employment starts, disputes can arise, and an employee may file a lawsuit against the employer. Employers should pay attention to compensation and benefits and respond sooner to a complaint.

Employment classification

An employment contract should clearly state the classification of an employee. These include full-time, part-time, contract, independent contractor, temporary and so on. An employee should be treated as they are classified. An employer determining an independent contractor’s work hours or them asking the employer to pay their health insurance premiums may bring up disputes.

These three clauses lead to a significant percentage of employment contractual disputes. But any clause in your contract can do this. If you are in conflict with your employee(s), you should seek legal guidance to solve the dispute and protect the business.