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What are the most common zoning and code violations?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Property Law

As a property owner, something you should always understand is how your property is zoned. You also need to know that your property is up to the city or local area’s codes. If you don’t make the effort to understand the laws, then you could be in violation of zoning and code regulations.

Zoning and code violations should be taken seriously, because violating zoning laws or codes can lead to both administrative and criminal penalties. There are some common violations that you should be aware of, because understanding what they are will help you avoid them.

Common zoning and code violations in Plano

One of the most common violations in Plano is simply having high weeds and grass. Grass and weeds can’t be over 12 inches in length. If they are, then the state can issue a violation. The reason for this is that weeds and high grasses harbor dangerous pests and can pose a fire hazard.

Illegally using a residential property for commercial uses is another common violation. For example, if a property is zoned for family homes, you should not run a mechanic’s shop out of it. If you need support changing your property’s zone, that may be available and is something to discuss with your attorney.

Trash and debris collecting on your property could also constitute a zoning violation. The city does not permit trash and debris to accumulate on a property. Bulk waste needs to be placed out for pickup within five days of the pickup date by the city.

Fence violations are another violation to be aware of. Fences that are already established need to be vertical. They cannot lean out of alignment by more than 10 degrees. They should not need exterior supports to keep the fencing vertical, either. If a fence is leaning that heavily, a new post may be inserted, or a new panel may be needed.

Violations put health and safety at risk

Code and zoning violations are violations because they tend to put people’s lives at risk or to pose safety issues. If you are told you are in violation of a code or zoning ordinance, it’s important to take action to correct the issue.