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4 steps to follow when a client fails to pay

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Business Law

As a business owner, you will likely encounter clients who delay paying for goods or services or fail to pay altogether. This can affect you considerably, as you need their payments to qualify as a profitable business.

Here are four steps to follow when a customer fails to pay:

1. Find out the reason for the missed payment

A client may fail to pay for goods or services due to different reasons – they may be going through a tough time, having issues with their payment procedures, or the goods or service didn’t meet their expectations and so on.

You should contact your client to know why they have not paid within the agreed period. If it’s a justifiable reason, you can develop a new payment plan or implement any other practical solution.

2. Send a gentle reminder

If your customer fails to pay after agreeing on a solution, you should send gentle reminders. Follow-up emails and phone calls should work.

3. Send an updated invoice

If a customer continues to avoid payment even after sending reminders, send an updated invoice. This eliminates the excuse of losing the original invoice.

4. Demand the payment

If your client doesn’t pay after requesting them through reminders and sending an updated invoice, you may need to demand the payment more firmly. You can inform them that the service will end on a particular date if they don’t pay or may consider other options if they don’t pay for the goods, such as taking legal action against them.

Sending a demand letter for payment or resending your contract highlighting the clause that discusses late payments can also be helpful.

Customers failing to make payments can negatively impact your business. Consider getting legal help to keep your business up and running.