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3 issues with a property that could negatively affect neighbors

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Property Law

Real estate disputes in Texas don’t just relate to transactions. Certainly, things can go wrong during a home sale or lease that require people to go to court. However, even those who simply want to quietly enjoy the property they already own sometimes require the help of the Texas civil courts.

The conduct of a neighbor could potentially impact someone’s property value or their utilization of their primary residence. People may take legal action to hold a neighbor accountable for misconduct and code violations. The following are some of the more common reasons that one neighbor might need to take legal action against another.

Issues with property drainage

Drainage can affect the exterior spaces of a property by causing impassable terrain or damaging vegetation. Drainage issues can also affect residences and other improvements on a property. A neighbor’s improper or non-compliant drainage solutions might lead to water accumulating around the foundation of another property. Those drainage issues could lead to water damage, mold development or the death of plants in someone’s yard. It may be necessary to take a neighbor to court if the water flowing off of their property actively damages a neighbor’s property.

Nuisance issues related to maintenance

Few things drag down property values faster than a blighted home in the neighborhood. Maybe someone has a bunch of partially de-constructed vehicles littered throughout their yard. Perhaps they have boarded-up windows or siding falling off of their home. Properties that are obviously in poor repair can drag down the value of neighboring properties. While that may not be an immediate concern for neighbors, it is an issue for anyone who might need to sell a property in the next few years. Legal action could potentially force someone to repair issues with their property that affect neighborhood property values.

Inappropriate property usage

Maybe someone has started conducting an unlicensed business out of their garage, or perhaps there are college tenants at a residential property who throw boisterous get-togethers that go late into the night and violate noise ordinances. When neighbors break the law on their property, their actions can affect the daily lived experience of others nearby. Neighbors may need to take legal action in response to repeated violations or a refusal to amicably resolve complaints about operating a business in a residential neighborhood or having wild and disruptive social gatherings late at night when others need to rest.

Taking legal action against a neighbor can certainly strain the relationship between adjacent property owners. However, litigation may be the only way to force someone to cease behaviors that affect their neighbors or local property values. Understanding when it may be necessary to initiate litigation over conflict with a neighbor can help people to potentially preserve their property values and better ensure they can continue to peacefully enjoy the properties they own.